Learning to play the guitar can be a daunting task if you don't have proper instruction. There are four main ways that you can attempt to learn how to play the guitar.

First, you can buy some old fashioned paper books, sit down with your guitar, and muddle on through. That would work. If you had the time or the patience to do so.

A second method would be to find yourself a guitar teacher, and pay them, by the hour, at hourly rates, to teach you. That would work, and would work pretty well. The problem with that method is that private teachers are EXPENSIVE, and only available to you during your actual lesson time. It is hard to find a private guitar teacher at odd hours, like, say 2:00 AM.

A third way to learn the guitar is through videos. You can purchase videos from a good teacher, work at your own pace, have access to the videos at all hours, and review them at will. The video will never tire of you going over the same thing, over and over.

Finally, the fourth method of learning how to play guitar is with online learning. You purchase an online subscription or membership, access the materials at your pace on your own time, and progress through the courses. The purpose of this site is to offer our quick review of a few of these electronic guitar teachers. Websites that sell DVD lesson videos, membership sites, and a combination of both.

My personal path as a guitar player has greatly been enhanced by the advent of web based guitar lessons and using recorded lesson packages purchased from these internet guitar teachers. I first picked up the guitar about twenty years ago, when I was thirty years old. I tried to teach myself by books and magazines, the occasional audio tape, but never progressed very far. Something else always came up, and I never had the focus to carry on. In that time period, I also took lessons from individual instructors, some who were VERY good musicians. For me, I found them to be very expensive, and not very convieniant to make it to my lesson on a set schedule. I was and am a very busy person. In the last few years, I have been studying, at my own pace, at my own times, with these internet teachers, and I've learned more in the last two years than in the previous 18 years. Plus, it cost me a fraction of what private guitar lessons cost me.

Here is my review of the on-line guitar teachers that are the best of the best.


Jamorama is a very good, inexpensive program for beginners. It is presented as a downloadable multimedia course. It also can be purchased in its entirety on hard copy. This course is a lot of fun for newer players, and will teach many of the rudiments of guitar.


GuitarJamz is a totally fun bunch of courses, taught by guitar instructor Marty Schwartz. Marty is an eccentric guitar personalty, and presents material and information in his very own way forward manner. The course can be purchased either as physical hard copy DVD's or as an online subscription. The online subscription is of course instant, but if you purchase the DVD's you must wait about a week for them to be delivered. My opinion is that Marty is an excellent teacher and always keeps things fresh and funny. GuitarJamz also offers a free starter pack of lessons for instant download so you can try it before you buy it. GuitarJamz is a good package for all levels of players, but would probably be best for the intermediate guitarist.

Next Level Guitar

This course is designed to take your playing "to the next level". The lessons are taught mostly by David Taub, with a few other artists/instructors making appearances. The course is either an internet subscription, A DVD purchase or a combination of both. One thing that the internet Site subscription does is keep track of your advancement. It is very clear to see which lessons you have done, how many times you have done them, and which areas need to have more time devoted to them. Next Level Guitar also offers a wide selection of song lesson packages, or "play in the style of "type DVD

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and here is a fine starter guitar set